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Recently I took part in a couple films and TV series including ‘Mlody Pilsudski’ (2020), ‘Zenek’ (2020), ‘Na dobre i na zle’ (2019), ‘Wataha’ (2017) and others. I also co-produced short internet scetch comedy series. In 2018 I directed the theatre play ‘Creditors’ at Teatr Druga Strefa in Warsaw.

My theatre acting experience grew in underground theaters throughout Poland. I have participated in performances at Teatr Odwrocony, Teatr MIST and Krakow King’s Players Theater Company.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria. I obtained a degree in acting at New Bulgarian University, where my acting coach was the legendary @Tzvetana Maneva. During my studies I performed in many theater plays, including Richard III at the ‘Ivan Vazov National Theater’.

After graduating in 2013 I decided to move to Poland where I continued to work as an actor in film, TV and theatre.

I am open to collaboration, communicative and easy going. Living in Warsaw and always ready to travel.

FILM Type of role/character Director      Production
2020 | ZENEK Supporting Jan Hryniak / Prod. Lightcraft
2021 | Barwy Szczęścia Guest Star Wojciech Klimala, Jarosław Banaszek, Jacek Gąsiorowski / TVP
2020, 2021 | Leśniczówka Guest Star Robert Wichrowski / TVP
2020 | Młody Piłsudski Guest Star Jarosław Marszewski / TVP
2019 | Ojciec Mateusz Guest Star Artur Żmijewski / TVP1
2019 | Na dobre i na złe Guest Star Sylwester Jakimow / TVP2
2019 | Korona Królow Guest Star Jacek Sołtysiak / TVP1
2017 | WATAHA Guest Star Jan P. Matuszynski / HBO Poland
2016 | Komisarz Alex Guest Star Robert Wichrowski / TVP1
2019 | Creditors Gustav (Lead) Kiril Denev / Teatr Druga Strefa
2018 | The Importance of Being Earnest Earnest (Lead) Jarek Kuśmierski  / Firehouse Media
2017 | Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry, Priest (Supporting) Don Allen /  Krakow King’s Players
2016 | Tram 23:11 Bruno (Supporting) Don Allen /  Krakow King’s Players
2016 | Romantycy z Solvayu Kapo (Supporting) Stanislaw Michno / Teatr Mist
2015 | MOTHER Father (Supporting) Szymon Budzyk / Teatr Odwrocóny
2013 | Richard III Horse, Richard’s Assistant Tedi Moskov / Ivan Vazov National Theatre
2013 | Chorovod Accountant (Supporting) Dobriela Popova / Slug Theatre
2013 | Flying Metel (Supporting) Snezhina Petrova / Slug Theatre
2013 | Roberto Zuko The Kayak (Supporting) Asen Blatechki / Slug Theatre
Acting Class Acting Teacher
Bachelor of Acting Tzvetana Maneva New Bulgarian University – Sofia
Taekwon-do, Boxing, Horse riding, Swimming, Skiing, Bicycle/scooter riding, Driving license cat. B, English C1, Polish C1, Bulgarian Native

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