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Kiril Denev aktor
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Kiril Denev is a Bulgarian actor who lives and works in Poland. He has been involved in various film and TV productions throughout Poland and is known for his roles in “Barwy Szczęścia” (2024), “Zenek” (2020), “Korona Królów” (2019), “Na dobre i na złe” (2019), “My Pleasure” (2018), “Wataha 2” (2017), and more. In addition to his work in film and TV, he has also participated in and directed theatre performances in both Poland and Bulgaria.

FILM Type of role/character Director      Production
2022 | Orlęta Grodno 39′ Supporting Krzysztof Łukaszewicz / Prod. WFDiF
2020 | ZENEK Supporting Jan Hryniak / Prod. Lightcraft
2024 | Barwy Szczęścia Guest Star Jakub Skoczeń / TVP
2023 | Korona królów. Jagiellonowie Guest Star Krzysztof Łukaszewicz / TVP
2021 | Pierwsza Miłość Guest Star Natalia Siwicka / Polsat
2021 | Barwy Szczęścia Guest Star Wojciech Klimala, Jarosław Banaszek, Jacek Gąsiorowski / TVP
2020, 2021 | Leśniczówka Guest Star Robert Wichrowski / TVP
2020 | Młody Piłsudski Guest Star Jarosław Marszewski / TVP
2019 | Ojciec Mateusz Guest Star Artur Żmijewski / TVP1
2019 | Na dobre i na złe Guest Star Sylwester Jakimow / TVP2
2019 | Korona Królow Guest Star Jacek Sołtysiak / TVP1
2017 | WATAHA Guest Star Jan P. Matuszynski / HBO Poland
2016 | Komisarz Alex Guest Star Robert Wichrowski / TVP1
2019 | Creditors Gustav (Lead) Kiril Denev / Teatr Druga Strefa
2018 | The Importance of Being Earnest Earnest (Lead) Jarek Kuśmierski  / Firehouse Media
2017 | Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry, Priest (Supporting) Don Allen /  Krakow King’s Players
2016 | Tram 23:11 Bruno (Supporting) Don Allen /  Krakow King’s Players
2016 | Romantycy z Solvayu Kapo (Supporting) Stanislaw Michno / Teatr Mist
2015 | MOTHER Father (Supporting) Szymon Budzyk / Teatr Odwrocóny
2013 | Richard III Horse, Richard’s Assistant Tedi Moskov / Ivan Vazov National Theatre
2013 | Chorovod Accountant (Supporting) Dobriela Popova / Slug Theatre
2013 | Flying Metel (Supporting) Snezhina Petrova / Slug Theatre
2013 | Roberto Zuko The Kayak (Supporting) Asen Blatechki / Slug Theatre
Acting Class Acting Teacher
Bachelor of Acting Tzvetana Maneva New Bulgarian University – Sofia
Taekwon-do, Boxing, Horse riding, Swimming, Skiing, Bicycle/scooter riding, Driving license cat. B, English C1, Polish C1, Bulgarian Native

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