Acting Headshots – Nail Your Next Photoshoot

Obviously, having great headshots is a must if you want to step up your acting career. The thing is that it may be confusing when you are in front of the lens for the first time. At least that was the case with me.

Of course, for some actors it comes natural, while others have to work for it. More often than not casting directors in Europe wants to see headshots which are as natural as possible.

So how do you nail your photo shoot with ease? In short, the answer which works for me is - with ease.

What do you mean?

It will be easier if you think of the camera lens as an one eye. This eye is catching every single emotion and expression. In other words - it is very sensitive. In order to transmit your personality and emotion to the camera, you have to be relaxed (it comes with experience). From the moment when you feel no tension in front of the camera, then you can start having fun and achieve the best results.

Let's say that you already feel comfortable in front of the camera. Great! Now it's the time to start thinking what your type is. Casting is all about types and whether you physically (and emotionally) fit the description of the role. Furthermore, by knowing your specific type you can underline your qualities and look confident and ready in your headshots. If you achieve that you are making the life of the casting directors some much easier. Just think about it - they are looking through hundreds or maybe thousands of headshots. In this search, they are constantly comparing the character description with the headshot of the specific actor. If they find a match - it basically tells them that this person's personality (energy, face, body and eyes) can take on the role. In conclusion, they can imagine you as the character! That's the key.

Food for thought

Every actor wants to play as diverse and as complex characters as possible. However only a very small percentage of us actually do it. In fact, this doesn't mean that they are more talented - it is just that they fit the casting brief perfectly (physically and emotionally). So when you schedule your next photo shoot, just make sure to know what your type is and everything else will follow.

Do you have any suggestions for nailing your acting headshots? Let me know in the comments.

Photo credits:

Marek Zimakiewicz
Jarek Kuśmierski

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