Meditating 10 Minutes Every Day Changed My Life

I never thought that going to Vietnam could change my life, but it did.

The trip

Back in November 2017, me, my fiance and another couple did a two week journey to Vietnam. During our stay we visited many cities starting from Hanoi and going down to the island of Phu Quoc. Exactly there, in the small housing complex of ‘Kiki Coconut Beach’ I started my journey of meditation.

It was one sunny and calm afternoon when the owner of the village invited us for a 10-15 minute meditation. Honestly, in my thoughts I was a little skeptical. She put some kind of mantra playing on the speakers and we started the meditation. I never though that sitting and breathing for 15 minutes can be so hard! On top of that her dog was constantly sniffing around us, which didn’t help. Finally it was all over, we thanked her and then she asked if we will join her tomorrow – after a little hesitation, we agreed.

I think that was the reason why I still meditate every single day. First it was the challenge of doing something different. Then that evolved to a higher level of relaxation and better understanding of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the days when I cannot focus on my breath. In these moments, the most important thing is to keep doing it. Meditation helped with my anxiety in shops (don’t ask) and also with having a clearer vision in life.

Still interested?

If you wish to start – I recommend meditating for a few minutes a day and then constantly making it a minute longer until you feel comfortable. Of course consistency is key, so you have to do it every day in order to feel all the benefits. 

How meditation changed your life? Let me know in the comments.

As you can see the place did help a lot! You could feel the calmness in the air.

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