How To Make a Short Film All by Yourself

Are you wondering how to make a short film but you don’t have the necessary tools? Living in a small city and you don’t happen to know any filmmakers?

It doesn’t matter what is your current situation. The main thing is that you want to make movies.

After moving to Warsaw, I barely knew anyone. I wanted to do something creative using my acting skills. However, I was worried that I don’t have the required knowledge or resources, and this was killing me inside. So eventually, I decided just to do something, anything! I wrote a script and shot everything with my phone. There were indoor scenes which I shot in my flat and outdoor ones for which I used the nearby park.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any actors. Act the parts yourself.

”Yeah, it’s easy for you’ – you would say. And I agree that it is easier for me. On the other hand I can assure you that directing and compositing the shots, and also taking care of the sound was not so easy task. In conclusion, we can always build a wall around us which can prevent us from doing what we love. You have to overcome it and keep moving, even when you feel that odds are against you.

In the below video I briefly explain that anybody can make a film, no matter the circumstances. You just need the basic tools to start – which doesn’t cost much nowadays.

Also, you can watch the actual short film which I shot during my one man crew experience. I have a little pride in doing so. Don’t get me wrong – it is far away from being perfect or a piece of art. It is a learning tool, an experiment which helped me to push my boundaries and prepare for the next stage.

Keep creating!

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