How To Do What You Love in a Foreign Country

So I’ve been living in Poland since 2013 and I want to share my thoughts so far.

First of all a little retrospection.

Back in 2012, I was studying acting in New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Have you ever felt that you are in the right place and at the right time? That’s what I felt there. I will never forget the experiences which I got and the people which I met during this time.

Anyway, since I was a child I knew that I will visit America someday. Maybe it was the culture and that everything looks so big there. One day I found a work-and-travel program and I was hooked. You go there for four months, work and experience the vibe. It was my dream – so after all the obstacles I finally arrived.

In my first days there it was though – with only 120 USD in my pocket, for one month I ate only canned food and microwave snacks with peanut butter and jelly burgers on top. Don’t get me wrong – peanut butter is the bomb! Eventually I passed through my first month there and got my first paycheck.

Now it was all about parties and drinking, until one night in August. That was the time when I met my future fiance. It felt that everything has changed from that moment – let’s call it magic.

After 4 months in USA we all moved to our countries and our life continued normally. During my final year in the university I participated in a couple of theater productions, one of which was in the National Theatre in Sofia. This laid the foundations of my acting career and thought me how professionals work.

So eventually I finished my final year and decided to move to Wrocław for good. Me and my fiance were finally together. In my first months here I was mainly trying to adapt and find my place in this foreign country. The main obstacle was the language and working as an actor seemed like a distant dream.

Then some years passed…

During my time in Poland I kept working regular jobs but I never stopped acting here and there. It was my focus. To me, the taste of success was to be able to practice my craft. In times when I didn’t have any acting gigs, I got my hands on some non-profit theater and film projects and still kept learning.

In the meantime my appearances in TV and theater became a bit more regular. I even directed a theatre play and created a couple of short films. In other words, I’ve learned to use every chance I’ve got to build my experience.

The point which I want to make is that I never killed my soul in the process. I always did something to keep it alive – acting gigs, photography, writing scripts or taking care of my body, mind and soul. Even in the toughest moments – my fire was still burning and my hope is that I will keep it that way until I am alive.

In my opinion you should do the same. Use every chance to learn and inspire yourself. Grow as your life goes on because when you turn back, you will want to see that you did everything you could in your specific situation. Leave no regrets! Do what you love, and if you don’t know what is it that you love – keep looking!

Let’s stay creative and push on – you never know what is behind the next door!

Kiril Denev

During my days on the set at the polish TV series ‘Na dobre i na złe’. I played Farukh Asanow – refugee from Tajikistan who happens to be a very good gastroenterologist doctor.

During my days on the set at the polish TV series ‘Na dobre i na złe’. I played Farukh Asanow – refugee from Tajikistan who happens to be a very good gastroenterologist doctor.Search Results

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