How To Be More Productive

‘Our time is limited’ – I guess that you have already heard that phrase a million times. We all know it and still we tend to forget it in our everyday lives. I want to give my insight on how to be more productive and to move forward in your life. Let’s crush it!

Here are my 5 principles which I follow to be more productive. 

1. Make a plan

In order to do more you will need to take your goals game on the next level. Have you ever watched the Olympics? People there are hungry – literally. They worked so hard for this moment and imagined all the details in the process. When the competition day comes, they can apply all the work they have put in and play to win. The same is in life. Time is flowing and if we don’t have a goal we will just float from one shore to the next, without any final destination. At the end, we all arrive somewhere but our work and preparation determines where our journey ends. 

2. Evaluate your priorities

Imagine this scenario. It’s friday night and your friends are inviting you for a drink. You didn’t see each other since last month. On the other hand you already had a plan to work on your business which you are about to launch. Bear in mind that you are also working full time and this is the only day when you are home alone. What would you choose? Of course there is not right answer. This is a matter of priorities and what is more important for you at the current moment. At the same time it should be about balance. I am not saying that you cannot have friends if you cannot fit them into your goals schedule. It is just that you have to be very organized in order to move forward in every aspect of your life.

3. Take control of your thoughts

It is what you think, do and speak that projects itself into the world. Start changing your thoughts and this change will slowly apply in your life. Remember – focus is key – so make sure that you take care of your mind and soul. The things which I do to help me with this are meditation and weight training. These daily habits helped me tremendously to organize my mind and my life as a whole. Of course everything is work in progress and I am far from where I want to be. Finding the things which reset your body and mind can improve your life in so many ways. There is not right and wrong, the point is to be true to yourself. 

4. Write things down

I started this not so long ago and it helped me do more in a shorter time period. You can either use your phone as a notepad or buy a physical one. There is satisfaction in ticking a task as completed. Sometimes we tend to lean from our trajectory until something happens and remind us that we are far off from where we imagined to be. Of course, nobody wants that. Keeping everything organized will help you to make small steps which will act as a snowball in achieving your goals.

5. Work hard and repeat

Needless to say, all of our goals require hard work. I challenge you to create the rhythm that motivates you and keep pushing until you make it. The principles which I pointed out are just a tools – it is up to you to put them in practice. We all have obstacles in our lives but these are just  stepping stones which lead to our dreams. This great quote sums it up: “We are all in the same game, just different levels, dealing with the same hell, just different devils”.  Keep pushing!

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